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Ryan Benally(Haskeya-Teh-Des-Wod)

Ryan Benally Personal Artist Biography
Ryan Benally - Bio
Born in 1976 of the many hogans, near water clan. Ryan’s great grandmother Nah-dez-beh gave him his Navajo name which is Haskaya-Teh-Des-Wod. She told stories of her grandmother and mother making the Long Walk the relocation of the Navajo to Fort Sumner, New Mexico. Between the ages of eleven to twelve, Ryan’s uncle was an assistant to an area sculptor. Ryan observed at his grandmother house his uncle coming back all dusty. Curious Ryan accompanied his uncle to another sculptors house, Tim Washburn. Tim handed a stone to Ryan and said "give it a try". From then on he's been addicted to creating 3-D art. Ryan finds inspiration from his family to stories from his great grandmother to everyday life. From ripples on the water to flames of a fire, everything is a possible idea.

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